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Leaders in Energy Efficiency

Guided by Passive House principles, Cosgrave houses are designed to use less energy, the team’s commitment to energy efficiency and sustainable design is recognised at the highest national level.

Pioneers of the green agenda, Cosgraves continue to develop homes that exceed the requirements of regulations. The energy efficiency of a Cosgrave home cannot be measured just by a BER Rating, it is deeper than that, it is in every detail of the fabric of the building and is validated through a series of quality control measures that ensure every Cosgrave built house really is a superior energy efficient home.

Guided by Passive House Principles the Team at Cosgraves invest in the fabric of the house to ensure it delivers sustainable living in terms of lower energy usage, improved comfort and reduced life time running costs.

In 2013, Cosgraves were recognised as the best of the best when the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland awarded them the Overall Environment Award for outstanding leadership in the field of energy efficiency. This is a very significant achievement as the award is open to all sectors and has never before been awarded to a house builder and is a highly valued endorsement of Cosgrave’s higher standards in energy efficiency.


Courtyard layout minimises exposure.

Superior Heating Systems.

Fitting of Vent-Axia Ventilation Systems.

Passive house details reduce Thermal Bridging.

Orientation, glazing positions and detailing resolved to maximise

Benefit from solar gain.

Insulation specification is above that of the building regulations.

A-Rated Energy Efficient Appliances fitted as standard.


Hot water is heated centrally from where it is available to all residents as required or “on tap”. Because of this there will always hot water and the Cualanor Apartment resident only pays for what they use, there is no wasted energy while hot water is on tap for showers, sinks and radiators when it’s needed, better for the user and better for the environment, benefits include;

Significant saving of up to 30% on heating bill

Significantly less CO2 emissions than conventional heating

No carbon monoxide concerns

There is always hot water just flip the tap

All rooms are thermostatically controlled

Low maintenance – 24hr back up service

No boiler and no hot water tank means extra space in the apartment


Eustace Court has a state of the art hot water and heating system which means residents always have hot water and heat whenever required while resulting in less energy used and lower running costs.

More than 60% of heat is recovered saving energy

Saves money by recovering heat from ventilated air

Constant supply of filtered fresh air

Reduced air moisture and reduced allergens in air

Improved quality of fresh air

Reduced condensation and reduced dust

Practically Passive

Using passive principles Cosgraves have developed their own set of construction details and standards which are expected to outperform the standards from the Dept. of Environment. Cosgrave apartments are designed and constructed to deliver a “practical passive” ambience within the home customised to suit the temperate Irish climate.


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